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Women’s Essentials Limited Edition Gift Box


Inspired by our premium gift boxes, our Limited Edition Women’s Essentials Gift Box is perfect for the incredible woman in your life. Containing luxury versions of a few of our favourite ‘essentials’, this is one of our most popular gifting items for the woman that gives to everyone else, and rarely to herself.

We all know that one woman who puts everyone else first and herself last. Who gives often to everyone else, and rarely to herself. Who deserves to be spoilt.

Our Essentials Gift Box, overflowing with luxury items that we all rely on everyday but rarely purchase in a luxurious format, will do just that.

After all… just because they’re ‘essentials’ doesn’t mean they have to be oh-so-bland. With this gift box, she’ll have those must-have items on hand exactly when she needs them.

This beautiful gift box includes:

  • A stunning matte black ‘Because You Matter’ hairbrush

  • Seven other gorgeous gifts, all from quality brands, designed to delight

  • The element of surprise encapsulated in a gorgeous gift box.

This gift box is suitable for anyone, although we would advise ages 10 and over.

In the interests of your safety, please note that our gift boxes may contain nuts or other allergens.

In stock

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 33 × 23.6 × 12 cm

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