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Our Story

I have always been a big kid at heart, and love surprises, but I very rarely find them these days. I think that our lives can often become too busy and we get caught up in the day to day trying to make sure everyone is happy. So when It comes to gift giving, I do truly believe that we want to make those around us feel special, however, we tend to ask people what they want to avoid disappointment, but are we missing the opportunity to warm their hearts and surprise them?

Ever since my sister in law first gave me a beauty advent calendar, I have been in love with the experience of counting down to Christmas each day with a special gift. In fact, it quickly became a tradition in my house, where each morning I would wake up to my daughter knocking on my bedroom door, coffee in hand, eager to discover what gift we were going to get today. We often spent hours, trying out our new products, and deciding on who was going to keep that day’s gift, because if my daughter had her way, she would have kept them all, and that was not happening.

For years, people used to say I was hard to buy for, and all too often asked me for help in picking out my own present. But of course, I am not difficult to buy for at all. In fact, whenever I think back to my beauty advent calendars, I am reminded of the many gifts that I cherish and the experience of discovering them. When I created Because You Matter, I had this idea in mind, and love being able to help people by removing the stress from gift giving.

Throughout my journey, I have strived to delight people with a surprise every day and introduce them to some of life’s luxuries they may never have tried before, I really hope I achieved this, and you are reminded of how amazing you are throughout your Because You Matter experience.


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